Capt. Philip Apap Bologna

Flight Operations Consultant, BizAv Services Ltd.

In aviation for over 35 years with experience in various roles as pilot, trainer and in management positions. His flying career started as a first officer flying turboprops in desert operations in Libya. Philip moved on to Air Malta where he worked there as captain and instructor on Boeing 737 and Airbus 320 aircraft for over 25 years. He organised and managed flight operations documentation systems and set up a fuel and environmental cost management programs for airlines. Together with his partners, Philip went on to establish a Malta based professional aviation consultancy and services support firm, BizAv Services Ltd, and Alpha One, a flight operations officer training organisation also based in Malta. Today Philip operates as a contract pilot on B737-800 aircraft for a major European carrier and manages various technical AOC support services through BizAv Services Ltd for a number of AOC operators. His passions are sailing, fishing and gardening and has a keen interest in world current affairs, business and the development of new ideas to face life’s challenges.