Dr. Filippo Maria Arcaleni

Associate, DF Advocates

Born in Perugia, Umbria Italy, Filippo has a background of classical studies including latin, ancient Greek language, philosophy and art. Graduated in Law at University of Perugia and qualified as an expert in “international contract law and negotiation” for national and international small and medium business enterprises.

He has collaborated with the University of Perugia (Cattedra di diritto Civile) and with the University of Malta. He trained, worked and co-operated with Italian Law firms and companies in Italy, UK, Spain and Malta.

Filippo currently is an Associate with DF Advocates, wherein he specialises in corporate commercial law, gaming and technology law and aviation.

Filippo stepped into the aviation scene around five years ago and has steadily grown as an industry expert. He frequently advices and assists clients on a multitude of complex transactions relating to the business aviation industry.