Dr. Miriam Dalli

Head of S&D Maltese Delegation, Vice-President of the S&D Group

Dr Miriam Dalli is Vice-President of the Socialists and Democrats (S&D) in the European Parliament. She is also the Head of the Maltese Labour Delegation in the European Parliament. She is currently serving her second mandate, having been re-elected with one of the highest votes ever registered in the Maltese islands.

MEP Miriam Dalli was the only MEP that made it to the Politico 28 Class of 2019, an influential publication that focuses on European politics. She has been identified as “a doer” and an “eco-warrior” by European influencers thanks to her work on enacting legislation to reduce CO2 emissions from the road transport sector. The Parliament Magazine chose her as the MEP of the Year for 2016 in the Energy sector and the MEP of the Year for 2017 in the area of Public Health. In 2017, Votewatch classified her as the second most influential MEP on environmental issues and in 2019 she was classified as the most influential Maltese MEP in the European Parliament.

Between 2014-2019, Dr Miriam Dalli focused her energy on issues such as addressing climate change, decarbonisation of the transport sector, clean energhy, creating more job opportunities in new economies, addressing public health issues, migration and research and innovation. Most recently, MEP Dalli was appointed by the Maltese Environment Minister to lead a commission which will prepare for the national transition to eco-friendly vehicles.

In the European Parliament, Dalli is a full member of the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee as well as the Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee. Miriam Dalli is a lawyer by profession. She has a Doctorate of Laws, a Bachelor in Communications (1998), a Masters in Business Administration (2001) and a Masters in European Studies (2003).