Mr. Herman Zandt


Herman Zandt specialises in controlling and streamlining the human elements within complex and high-risk organisations, hereby strongly focusing on the safety aspects and operational excellence within the Aviation industry.

Backed by dedicated research and equipped with required international certifications, Herman pragmatically carries out individual assessments and facilitates team appraisals of flight crew, cabin crew and ground staff. His activities cover pre-employment screening, measuring job suitability, revealing personality styles and their impact within the workplace, mitigating people-related risks and developing cohesive crews.

An increasing number of Maltese AOC-holders benefit from Herman’s activities in preparation of their ongoing compliance with the upcoming EU Regulation 2018/1042, which stipulates the timely assessing of air crew and taking related measures to protect flight safety.

As Authorized Partner of Wiley & Sons (USA) and dual-accredited Business Mediator (UK/USA), Herman applies the latest methodologies and Regulator-approved screening processes to his personalised services provided to aviation professionals. In direct co-operation with Executive Management and Nominated Postholders, Herman builds more effective and transparent workplace relationships, tackles interpersonal safety hazards and shapes the right organisational culture that ultimately boost the bottom-line organisational performance.