Mr. Paolo Sommariva

Co-Founder, CEO, FL3XX

Paolo is the founder and CEO of FL3XX, an innovative solution for business charter and brokers that delivers complete, automated workflows for all team members and managers.

With over 25 years of experience in technology as well as several in private aviation, Paolo has a vision to open the market to the wider world of travel by leveraging technology. He strives to live in a word filled with innovation, where great talents turn disruptive ideas into realities and people collaborate and focus to get things done.

Prior to FL3XX, Paolo founded the first seaplane airline service in the southern Italian islands and later a regional airline in northern Italy. He has extensive operations, finance and technology experience, gained in large corporations such as General Electric, startups such as, and Venture Capital firms such as Syntek. Paolo also actively advises companies in the fields of GreenTech, FinTech and AvTech.