Mr Arnav Jain

Mr Arnav Jain

Researcher with Al Jazeera

Arnav Jain is a Philosophy, Politics and Economics graduate from the University of Nottingham with a passion for current affairs. While at university he held a research placement at the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory within the British Ministry of Defence. He explored India’s approach to multilateral deterrence theory in an effort to garner not only a deeper understanding of how policy is motivated and effected by the modern political and economic climate but also how that information can be utilised by the United Kingdom. Earlier this year he had the honour of presenting his findings as a panellist at both the US Strategic Command Academic Alliance Conference as well as their Deterrence Symposium.

Outside of research and academics he has spent time in the British Army Reserves as an Officer Cadet with the East Midlands University Officer Training Corps. Currently, Arnav is working in investigative journalism with Al Jazeera and the programme People & Power looking into the political ineffectiveness of the global reaction to climate change. During his time with Al Jazeera, he has had the pleasure of being involved in interviews with influential climate actors such as former Secretary of State for Environment John Gummer, former Prime Minister of New Zealand Helen Clark, and the Archbishop of Canterbury. Arnav plans to continue in journalism with his move to NBC as an associate producer for The Today Show.

Looking to the future, Arnav hopes to utilise his academic experience in economics and politics alongside his real world experience in journalism to embark on a career in politics and public policy in a hope of working towards a safer and more equal society both at home and abroad.