MACE 2022


MACE 2020 was an online event and MACE 2021 was the first face-to-face conference amidst the uncertainties of a global pandemic. These two years were arguably some of the toughest the aviation industry has ever experienced. COVID is still with us, but we have learned how to manage it better and although we continue having the occasional spikes, we seem to be experiencing a resurgence of many of the things we were used to. This means that the aviation industry is busy in recovery mode and the number of people travelling is increasing. The other side of the coin is that we are facing labour shortages across the board and what was once a well-oiled machine moving millions of people globally on a daily basis is experiences regular hiccups resulting in delays, flight cancellations, ruined holidays, etc. The industry has taken off and is trying to climb and a lot of parallels can be made between the stage in which the industry is in and the climb phase of a flight. It is with this in mind that theme for MACE 2022 is Gaining Altitude.


MACE 2022 was yet another amazing meeting with top speakers and excellent networking opportunities with 4 main topics discussed with great speakers and panels for each of the sessions. In 2022, MACE discussed the future of aviation, the aviation friendly legal and financial frameworks, talent acquisition & development in aviation and how Malta can continue to be a jurisdiction of choice for more aviation activity.


MACE 2022 saw the return of the Expo while serving as a great opportunity to network with other players in the industry. The conference hosted a collection of industry and topic experts. Those attending were able to participate in live panel discussions, meet face to face with regulatory officials, learn about some of the latest research going on in the industry and contribute to the continued development of the aviation industry.


Covered by both local and international media, MACE was held in the beautiful setting of the Hilton Conference Centre in Malta.




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